For Faculty

Media Projects & the mediaSPOT

The mediaSPOT offers students the space and equipment necessary to complete media projects for their classes. Our goal is the continued excellence of media projects as enhanced learning experience that promotes the digital media literacy of Georgia Perimeter College's students. Media projects and the mediaSPOT are a part of a larger effort at GPC to engage students through technology.


Assign Media & Media Projects in the Classroom

Have you been thinking about incorporating a media projects into your course? Unsure of where to start? Have a look through Assign Media. The media assignment resource of faculty at GPC!

With Assign Media, faculty will be able to:

  • View media project guides to help develop your project idea.
  • Set up a consultation with the Digital Media Manager or Media Technologist to bounce your ideas off of.
  • Request training for your students on using mediaSPOT equipment and software.
  • Link to pre made project pages for students to have access to not only our training documentation, but extra tips for producing their project. 
  • If a page doesn’t suit your needs, request a customized project page that you can curate.


Link to Assign Media


Professional Development for Faculty

Faculty can take advantage of our one time workshops geared towards incorporating media projects and other 21st century literacies in to their courses. With these workshops faculty can hone their own digital media literacy skills learning the same information we teach students. Some of these workshops include the added insight on pedagogy and better assessment of media projects. Faculty can view and sign up for available trainings at the Academic Technology EventBrite page.

Students and faculty can also view our set of training guides on the Training Guide page. These training guides are some of the tips and techniques that we go over with students and can be helpful references as they are working on their projects.




Faculty are encouraged to consult with the Digital Media Manager, Meghan Hammiller, or the Media Technologist, Laura Melissa Spencer, for ideas on how they can design multimedia assignments and assessments for their classes using MediaSpot equipment.